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Why good design matters in Life Insurance.

Our Managing Director and CEO, Chris Powell, was recently at a dinner, sitting next to the head of a large dealer group. He was chatting to Chris about our Adviser Portal and our next biggest competitors’ portal. He had decided to do a timed test between the two. Same...

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Understanding mental health and life insurance.

If you read the headlines, you can be forgiven for thinking that insurers don’t understand mental health. Certainly not the nuances between a ‘tough patch’ as a response to a normal life and a debilitating condition. With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing mental ill...

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Psychology hacks and tips for better mental health.

1. Let’s dance! In this study, Swedish researchers found that not only does dancing help reduce anxiety and depression, but the positive effects of dancing can also stay with you for up to eight months after you stop. Talk about bang for buck! Not only is dancing good...

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How can the advice industry persuade people to pay?

A seismic shift in the advice industry is already underway and we are at the dawn of a new era for advisers. This transformation is being driven by an urgent need to repair the fracture in consumer trust across the financial services industry. There is a universal...

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Sustainable pricing – a game changer

As a key strategy to protect a client’s wealth on an ongoing basis, life insurance is an important purchase. It is, after all, a product ‘for life’. This means that it should be priced on a long-term and sustainable basis. Yet, we currently see life insurers offering...

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