A quick guide to Integrity Life for Retail Advisers.

We’ve been trusted to protect more than 60,000 people across the country, from all walks of life, and some of the biggest brands in Australia. Why? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here’s a quick guide for Retail Advisers on how we do things at Integrity Life.

Benefits worth getting excited about.

  • A great selection of product options for individuals and businesses, allowing you to build a life insurance package to suit your clients’ specific needs.
  • All our pricing is sustainable including all of our offers, discounts, and deals. And no products are cross-subsidised.
  • Well-rated on risk research platforms, such as IRESS, RiceWarner and Omnium.
  • Clients see automatic increases each year in-line with ‘real’ CPI.
    An award-winning online experience allows you quote and apply 24/7 – anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • You have access to our entire knowledgeable team from Customer Care, to Underwriting, Product Managers and even the CEO.
  • Fair outcomes and decisions for all applications. Integrity isn’t just our name, it’s also the way we work.
  • And we pride ourselves on clear, proactive communication, so you’re never kept guessing.

Products with simplicity and transparency.

We have designed our products to have shared features that sit across all our Core Cover types. Some of these include, true level premiums, inbuilt increases in-line with the real CPI, in-built premium relief option and no policy fees or minimum premium.

Income Insurance (you might know it as Income Protection).

  • Single-level of cover removing the complexity of base level and extras cover.
  • Three-tier definition as a standard feature of Income Insurance across all occupations, benefit periods and waiting periods.
  • There is no requirement for a life insured to be totally disabled for the entire waiting period for a partial benefit to be payable. This means that if your client attempts to work during the waiting period, they may be eligible for a benefit if they continue to be disabled after the waiting period ends.
  • No tiering down of monthly benefits when you select Income Insurance with a benefit period ‘to age 70’ for your clients.
  • Plus, you have the ability to ‘split’ cover across super and non-super environments.

Life (also known as Life Insurance).

  • 24-month terminal illness certification period.
  • Advanced payment for final expenses for policies owned outside super.

Critical Illness.

  • 42 medical conditions with an additional 16 ‘extra’ medical conditions available (for additional premium).
  • Two ways to reset Critical Illness once a full benefit has been made.
  • Critical Illness Reset Option: resets 12 months after a full benefit has been paid. Under this reset cover, we won’t pay a benefit for the same or a related condition.
  • Critical Illness Relapse Option: resets 12 months after a full benefit has been paid and we provide a partial benefit to be made where there is a relapse or reoccurrence in the case of cancer and tumours or heart and vessels conditions if a benefit was paid for one of those conditions previously.
  • Review of medical condition definitions every PDS roll.


  • No waiting period.
  • Ability to ‘split’ cover across both super and non-super environments.
  • Ability to hold as standalone cover inside super when owned by SMSF trustee.
  • Partial TPD benefit payment on policies held outside super.

Care Support Package (only available at Integrity Life).

  • Our Care Support Package provides customers access to nine ancillary benefits.
  • You can add the Care Support Package to any Core Cover (Life, Income Insurance, Critical Illness or TPD), enhancing the cover your client holds with Integrity.
  • Benefits include Accommodation, Professional Services, Home Care, and the unique Terminal Illness Care benefit.
  • Terminal Illness Care Benefit allows the life insured to choose where they spend their final 30 days, wherever that is. We will help make it happen.
  • When you purchase three or more Core Covers, which includes Income Insurance, we will waive the premium on the Care Support Package. You just need to meet our minimum cover (Life and TPD $500K, Critical Illness $250K and Income Insurance $3.5k).

On your side, and by your side.

Underwriting to pay claims.

Our philosophy in underwriting is simple. We underwrite to pay claims and just as our name implies, we do everything with integrity. We take a balanced and broad view of applicants, and we pride ourselves on being innovative in assessing cases and providing terms. Our approach to mental health is industry leading and we are very much comparable in terms of standard for individual medical assessments balanced with sound, professional and commercial underwriting.

Purpose-built technology system harnessing the full capabilities of UnderwriteMe.

  • Industry-leading quote and pre-assessment tools – also powered by UnderwriteMe.
  • Consistent and transparent underwriting decisions – most are straight through!
  • But we’re digital when you want it, and human when you need it. You can pick up the phone and speak directly to the Underwriter on your case.
  • You can pre-assess on occupation, pastimes and health conditions so you can quote with confidence.
  • Your choice of fully online application or share with the client to complete.

Our claims philosophy – being there when you need us most.

At Integrity, we believe that paying valid claims is our reason for existence.  Each claim is treated not as a financial liability, but as a real person who needs support through a difficult time, and an opportunity to demonstrate why we are in business. We treat all people who lodge a claim with the same level of fairness and respect as we would hope to receive if we were in their place.

We personalise the experience so it’s as straightforward as possible – no jumping through hoops.

  • For example, we pay Income Insurance benefits on the day that suits your client.
  • We’ve removed all the painful paperwork so there are fewer forms. We’ll capture only the information that we absolutely need over the phone.
  • Clients have direct access and contact information for their dedicated claims specialist.

Like to know more? This will be the best connection you make all day.

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