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Flexible and customisable, perfect for tailoring to your clients’ needs.

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we’re all about providing life insurance that makes sense.

With Integrity, you can also have the peace of mind that your employers, employees and members will be taken care of.

Products with a difference.

Flexible products. You get to choose the bits you need not the bits you don’t – making it practical and cost-effective cover.

You’re kept in the loop. We communicate openly at every stage, so you always know where your clients stand and what will happen next.

We make it easy. We’re always on hand to help you when you need it.

Our group products.

Salary Continuance Insurance

Getting employees back on their feet.

What if someone got sick or injured and couldn’t work? It’s not a pretty thought – with Salary Continuance Insurance, employers can make sure staff don’t have to worry about loss of income and can focus on getting better.

Life Insurance

Planning ahead in case worst comes to worst.

No one expects the worst – but these things do happen. With Life Insurance, if staff are diagnosed with a terminal illness, or die, we’ll pay them a lump sum to help give peace of mind and some financial security for them or their family.


Helping life go on when you have a permanent disability.

With our total and permanent disablement cover, a lump sum payment can help people adjust to their new lifestyle, pay the bills and keep things on course.

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In early 2019 you will be able to experience a raft of new products and services that will revolutionise the way you manage your business and your clients’ policies.

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