Life insurance is meant to be about life.

Considering life insurance for yourself?

We make it easier than you might expect.

There are lots of things Australians don’t think twice about insuring: our homes, cars, even our pets – but we often forget to include ourselves on this list. This may be because life insurance has always seemed so complex. But the good news? With Integrity, it no longer has to be.

A life insurance policy can make a big difference. Like help pay for medical bills after an accident, it's there to lend a hand while you’re unable to work.

Here are a few ways it can help.


If you can’t work, our Income Insurance can pay the mortgage and bills, so you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle.


If the worst happens and you die, our Integrity Life cover will make sure you don’t leave your loved ones in financial strife.

Critical Illness

If you suffer from a specified medical condition, our Critical Illness cover can pay for treatment, rehabilitation and living costs.


If you become permanently disabled, our TPD cover can help you and your family adjust to your new life.


Care Support Package

We care about you and your family, that’s why we developed our Care Support Package which is an optional add-on that gives you and your immediate family extra support if you suffer from a relevant health condition, and you’re unable to work, or you die. Basically, it means being reimbursed for costs related to your condition, taking some of the financial pressure off you and your loved ones.

Why Integrity?

We don't just say we're 'all about the customer' – our world genuinely does revolve around you. We want you to have the best experience possible, so here are a few things we provide:

  • Flexible policies that you can adapt as your needs change.
  • Clear communication you can actually understand.
  • Simple and quick claiming process, that's transparent, fair and respectful.

Like to learn more?

To help you understand your options, get in touch with your Financial Adviser, or find one near you.